RouteBuzz traffic app saves you time and helps you determine the best route to take in traffic ridden metropolis.

Link up with other road users and get the necessary information to beat the traffic.

Get Breakdown, Accident and Security alerts in real time on your favourite route.


Home Screen

The home screen gives you the different options for the app; Enter Route, Create Route, Edit Profile, and view invitations.

Create Route

If you cannot find your preferred route after searching for it, you can create it and invite others to join you.


With this option users can view all the alerts displayed related to the particular route to move easily and smoothly around the city. They can also post the alerts for the routes to inform others of noteworthy situations.


Users can view all the invitations pending. He can approve or reject the invitation.

Route Room

Users can view all the alerts posted corresponding to any route. Users can also contribute info to the route by adding text, images and alerts.


Real Time Route Status

Have you ever wanted to determine the best route to take for your trip? which of the option is better? Can't wait for the next report on the radio, need to make a decision now for this particular route? Then RouteBuzz is your best companion, as it links you up to other road users on the route at that very moment.
You want Route Status? Just send a 'Status' message and several other users that may be on the route at the time will respond. Decide in a breeze, save some fuel and of course your precious time.

Easy Navigation

Navigating the app is easy. Select a city and Search your desired route. If the route is not within the city you can create it,(following this format:Town/Road)with a short but accurate discription. Afterwards you can get info on the route from your friends, colleagues and neighbours that ply that same route. It gets better as everyone invites several other persons that ply the route and a network of users of that route is built, exchanging info that will be mutually benefitial.

Get Security Alerts

RouteBuzz also gets feeds from local law enforcement and alerts you, when there is any security situation along your chosen route. In addition to peer to peer exchange of information, RouteBuzz also source info from government agencies and relay it to it's users.

Get Accident Alerts

Know what's ahead and avoid unnecessary delays Warn others, keep the roads free and safe

How It Works

Select a City. to view all the routes within that city.

Select a route to have access to information on that route.

If you cannot find your preferred route, you can create it and invite others to join. You have direct access to every route you join.

Request Route Status and share info or advice with other route users.